Separation and Divorce

divorce National trends suggest that 56% of all marriages will end in divorce. The State Bureau of Vital Statistics assessed the rate of divorce in California at a higher rate of 69% in 2002. Often children are left to fend for themselves as parents get caught in their own emotional battleground. Therapy and co parenting education are tools that allows parents to learn how to communicate effectively while not compromising the love your children have for both their parents.



  •  Separation and divorce can be confusing and painful for everyone involved. It takes time for everyone to process their emotions. Therapy can help to encourage successful communication, decrease hostility, and keep children from feeling it is their fault their parents are no longer together.
  • Co-parenting for adults helps teach parents appropriate behavior that may not be that apparent while in the heart of the separation. While parents never intend to make things harder for their children, at times their anger for the other parent overwhelms their “common sense”.
  • Child and family therapy helps normalize the situation for children while teaching them that the divorce is not their fault.


I offer tools for families going though separation and divorce to learn how to communicate more effectively and keep your children feeling safe and loved.