couplesBeing in a partnership requires patience, love and empathy for one another. However even in the best relationships it is difficult to maintain these qualities when times get tough. Challenges strain our ability to remain calm and to continue to know we are loved even when bonds feel broken. Relationship therapy can help couples remember their bond through the toughest of times. In my experience, most couples have difficulties with the following issues in relationships :


  • feeling misunderstood and not heard
  • repetitive arguments that never get resolved
  • a lack of empathy from their partner
  • a lack of connection or intimacy
  • a lack of trust
  • feeling blamed for everything that goes wrong

Recognizing there is a problem is not easy, and reaching out for help can be scary. Most couples find that therapy helps create more successful communication and improves the ability to compromise. I am LGBT friendly and respect all forms of intimate relationship.