Welcome to Santa Rosa Therapy

What is Depression?

Have you struggled with symptoms of depression, not feeling as happy or content as you would like? Are you having difficulty concentrating and making decisions, or don’t care about things the way you used to?

What is Anxiety?

Are you nervous about situations, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by everyday things that never used to bother you? Are you tense, worried, or on edge, feeling irrational fear? Or do you have symptoms such a pounding heart, sweaty palms or racing thoughts?

Therapy Can Help

Do you have problems communicating with partner, or your ex about parenting issues? Or troubles with your family you just can’t seem to work out on your own?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and have wondered if therapy can help, contact me  to see how counseling can benefit you and your loved ones. I work with people of all ages who struggled with depression, anxiety, grief, loss, trauma, communication issues, chronic illness and chronic pain. I am particularly interested in working with women who are dealing with hormonal issues related to PMS and perimenopause. I am deeply committed to helping people have a deeper understanding of themselves and feel better. I support all forms of intimate relationships, and believe everyone deserves compassion and respect.

Getting help

I offer daytime and evening appointments to accommodate people‚Äôs busy schedules. I have affordable rates and am on some insurance plans. Please call 707.829.3310 or email marciakatzlcsw@gmail.com.