Testimonials from supervisees:

Marcia provided me with excellent supervision while also drawing out my strengths and empowering me as a clinician.  Marcia’s style of supervision has also taught me how to incorporate social work values in my clinical practice. I highly recommend Marcia to provide supervision, especially in agency settings with children and families.

Carson Cozad, ASW

As a counselor working with abused and neglected children, Marcia has been of great assistance in exploring and looking at the various inherent challenges presented in my work; both at a professional and personal level. She has a calm presence and a non-judgmental attitude that allows for a free flow of thought and investigation. Marcia is very knowledgeable in the social services and mental health fields and brings a great deal of experience to the clinical supervision setting. Whether gaining hours as an ASW or MFTi Marcia possesses the ability to assist in furthering one’s understanding of their field and their personal development as they progress toward licensure.

Jeremy Austin, MFTi

I enjoyed working with Marcia as a clinical supervisor. She is concerned with fostering the well being of the clinician through maintaining a balanced lifestyle and a broad self-nurturing perspective so that the capacity to best serve clients is strengthened.

Kristina Baker, ASW

As a social worker for Child Protective Services, the type of clinical work I have done is very different than the average one to one work of individual therapy. Thanks to Marcia’s expertise, this was not a boundary, and she was able to swiftly understand my unique job and give me intensive clinical support. Marcia not only helped me identify diagnoses for my clients, but she helped me truly understand my counter-transference and where my own biases were interfering with my work. Marcia made me feel listened to, supported, and capable of succeeding in a daunting environment. Marcia catered the sessions to what I wanted to focus on while identifying the patterns I created throughout our sessions. Marcia is thorough, astute, transparent, and warm. I feel very lucky to have had Marcia as a clinical supervisor.

Chloe Rusca, ASW

Marcia helped me clinically dissect unique and complex cases. Marcia helped me gain new clinical skills and sharpen skills I already possessed. Marcia was flexible in her scheduling and always made herself available when I had questions. I would recommend Marcia Katz if you are looking for a skilled clinical supervisor.
 Eduardo Barragan, ASW

I found supervision to be extremely helpful. I found Marcia’s suggestions about how to proceed, questions to ask the clients, things to check out and clarify to be spot on and very helpful. I also really appreciated her insight into agency dynamics, personnel issues, professional roles, etc. I truly don’t know how I would have weathered some of the professional challenges that I faced this past year without her insight and support. Her insight really helped me clarify and maintain my professional boundaries and stay within my professional scope of practice. I feel very fortunate I was able to have her as a supervisor and feel that I have grown a lot as a professional under her guidance.

Mary Haynes, ASW