Take Control of Your Mental Health

We all go through times in our life when we may be struggling with negative thoughts that keep us feeling down. Or we may have a hard time trying to contain feelings that keep us from wanting to interact with others. Sometimes figuring out if we have a “mental health” issue that needs treatment can be confusing. The internet has a variety of resources available that can help with sorting out what we are experiencing and give us an indication of when its the right time to ask for help. One website I found helpful has a variety of online psychological tests that offer information on what your symptoms may be indicating. These tests range from adult ADHD to social phobias – there is a screening for depression as well as domestic violence, sexual addiction and panic disorder.


These questionnaires can assist in determining if the symptoms you are experiencing are pointing to a treatable condition a mental health professional can help you with. Check this page for information on how you can start to take control of your mental health today and begin a more healthy and fulfilling life.